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Frequently asked questions.

Amit is the founder of Money Minded. During the past 15 years of experience in investment management in London, the financial capital of the world, one thing became clear to him - the skills that he had developed in managing his own money were life-skills. He believes everyone needs such skills and a very few of us are fortunate to have them. And that's why-He set out on a mission to improve financial literacy for the masses.
Unlike other so-called 'financial advisors', we do not charge commission from the AMCs (Asset management companies), but charge our customers very nominal fees of Rs1,500/annum, which is Rs125/month (Cheaper than a coffee in CCD).
Investing in stocks directly is very risky and requires technical know-how and experience in the Financial markets. So we never recommend our clients to directly invest in stocks and instead invest in Mutual Funds which are managed by professional fund managers.
No! We are not from any bank, we are from Money Minded, a company with years of experience in the financial markets and we provide "Independent Financial Advice" to our clients at a very nominal fee.
Investing directly in equities is risky and we don't advise you for the same, but investing in equities through Mutual Funds is a great option and tends to create superior returns over FDs, PPF, gold if held for long term.
Go to our site, find out if you need us. If you do, click "Sign Up" and we will get in touch with you.
No, we do not guarantee any rate of return. We just provide you the advice based on the fund's past performance, management quality, portfolio holding and some other relevant factors.
Yes, we help you in tax planning by suggesting the financial products which help you in saving some taxes.
You can write to us on info@moneyminded.in.
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