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"To understand someone, find out how he spends his money" - Mason Cooley

We are MoneyMinders.

We are a bunch of finance experts, seriously a bunch, with combined experience of 30 years in the financial sector. On every other occasion, friends and family used to approach us for financial advice. And well, we could not help them without knowing their entire financial circumstances and aspirations. So, we did a little bit of research and found out there are only about 350 registered financial advisors in India. That further raised a question. Where do middle-class people like us (minus financial expertise) go for financial advice? How do they plan, save and invest?

What could be the reason for this huge gap in aspirations and plans? The answer was easy! Private wealth management is quite expensive for the majority. That’s where we stepped in.
We have been doing this in our own lives- planning for pension, children education etc. And to help you guys we developed a product to make financial advice simpler, affordable and high quality. We are independent advisors. We are not taking any money from manufacturers of financial products.
And our aim is simple- To make India finance savvy and enjoy the food at parties without thinking about numbers! Cheers to that!

"Unless you control your money, making more won't help.You will just have bigger payments."
-Dave Ramsey

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Offload your financial worries to us.

Simple, personalized and transparent financial advice for the busy Indian.
To make life more about living and less about worrying..

To make India financially literate.

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"Invest in people who Invest in you" - The Alisonshow

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"Surround yourself with financial savvy people and that's what you'll become."

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